Business Model, Mission Statement & Strategy

Founded in 2019, Zamaz plc is a London-based technology-driven e-commerce business that originates, acquires or licences, operates and scales small and medium sized brands with category-winning products on global marketplaces. Zamaz creates and/or nurtures brands that deliver high growth sales through online retail channels and as such is presently a leading seller on the largest global marketplace platform, Amazon. Zamaz intends to leverage its combined experience in brand design, retail technology, digital marketing, finance and business management to become one of Europe’s main brand aggregators.

The Company currently undertakes the following key activities:

  • creates, acquires or licences, operates and scales online brands;
  • promotes and trades on Amazon and other third-party global marketplaces and on owned D2C websites;
  • optimises product inventory forecasting and management, supply chain logistics and digital marketing; and
  • operates market leading, cloud-based, third-party software solutions for inventory forecasting, warehouse management, supply chain logistics and digital marketing performance.

Online shopping platforms are rich sources of performance data which provide live insights into consumer shopping behaviour and trends. Zamaz mines and analyses this data to deploy, market and sell an optimised Brand Portfolio, products, packs, and prices aligned with active, real-time consumer needs and demands principally on UK and EU Amazon marketplaces.

The Company has deep in-house expertise in Amazon Search Engine Optimisation consistently securing prime, high-ranking positions on the first results page when users search on Amazon for Ecomoist, by optimising brand and product listings with detailed, consumer information, high quality imagery, high numbers of positive reviews, quality, and speed of response to users’ question and answers, price competitiveness and shipping speed. Zamaz is also a highly proficient operator of Amazon marketing tools including branded storefront, sponsored brand and product advertising solutions which promote and boost product discoverability on site and cross-fertilise and convert customers buying similar, competitor products.

To complement Amazon platform marketing, Zamaz integrates best practice digital marketing activities to bring users from the wider internet directly to Zamaz owned brand web sites, notably for Ecomoist. Zamaz is highly skilled in performance marketing techniques which drive customer acquisition, sales conversion, retention, and loyalty on a range of digital marketing platforms.

Through Zamaz’s management and performance of the Ecomoist brand on Amazon, combining capabilities and disciplines of new product development, brand design, procurement, production, e-commerce technology, digital marketing and business management skills, the Directors believe that Zamaz exemplifies a modern, retail-tech driven business model with potential for scale.

Mission Statement & Strategy

Zamaz’s mission is to build a multi-national, multi-channel and multi-cultural on-line consumer goods business orientated around ecologically produced and health supportive brands and products, ethically sourced from all over the world.

The Directors believe that sustainability encompasses the entire supply chain of a business, requiring accountability from the primary level, through the suppliers, all the way to the retailers. Focus on sustainability guides Zamaz’s initiatives and practices and the Directors strive to ensure the highest standards are reflected by its Brand Portfolio. Zamaz aims to ensure all its brands use environmentally friendly processes and practices where possible.

Our long-term strategy is to continue to expand the retail sector by growing our various brands, organically or through acquisitions, and we will continue to focus on the following strategic pillars: vertical integration; design and technological innovation; Brand Portfolio management; market expansions; financial discipline; and the development of talented and committed employees.

Company Incorporation

Zamaz plc is incorporated under the laws of England and Wales under the Companies Act 2006 and the company number 12167179 . The Company’s main country of operations is the United Kingdom, where it is headquartered